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We possess decades of experience in corporate events, weddings and celebrations, conferences, rallies and groundbreakings. Being passionate about what we do, caring about the industry and our clients enable us to complete every job with attention to detail. Our goal includes performing consistently to the best of our ability and raising the standard for us and our competitors.

Your event requires professional audio quality. For your audio needs we have everything from high quality speaker systems, mixers and wireless microphones. We provide full video support and implementation. This includes video switching, fastfold screens, LED walls, TV’s and all necessary equipment to drive signal.

Proper lighting sets the atmosphere and tone for your event. Elements such as static or dynamic lighting, colorful or white, can highlight your desired event features and displays. Lighting can be focused or can fill your room, serving as a visual cue for speakers and presentations. We use creative lighting such as gobos for patterns, logos and uplighting to illuminate structures and accent visual interest.

Some of our clients conferences are their most important event of the year.  We take this to heart ensuring that these events are a major success. We troubleshoot and work out all the details to alleviate any worries, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Construction projects, grand openings and unveilings do not have to fall into a boring and uneventful ordeal.  This is your shot to show everyone how your hard work has paid off. So let us enhance this occasion by adding colorful and original ideas that deliver a lasting impact.

Nothing is as intense and heated as political season. We have plenty of experience handling crucial deadlines, last minute changes and high level security situations.  We serve a number of political parties and events ranging from: presentations, fundraisers, press conferences, debates, to any size rally.

Weddings and Celebrations are associated with happiness and remembrance. Lighting and other visual elements can greatly add to the overall atmosphere of your event. Our goal is to make these occasions a comfortable and worry-free experience that you and your guests can remember for years to come.





Craft Productions, based in the Reno/Tahoe area, has partnered with a variety of corporations & companies across the country.  Our video footage creates compelling visuals for both traditional TV advertising and online content.  

This helps companies, corporations and organizations achieve their marketing goals, gain online presence and build stronger brand awareness.  We use a variety of recording techniques and devices, utilizing the environment to the fullest potential. Lighting, indoor or outdoor variables and quality audio all make the difference in achieving that perfect shot.  With high definition cameras, special effects and drone footage, we will provide you with what you’d expect and more.  

The creative process from start to finish, is imperative to the quality you’d expect. From pre to post-production we keep an open dialogue with our clients. An initial consultation will establish trust, understanding and a level of communication that we take great pride in.

Target that specific audience with engaging videos and focused messaging. Highlight your company or event and deliver the necessary information in a personable  approach.  We specialize in training videos, brand awareness and advertising. We can help you create that inspirational, professional and high quality content that achieves results. 

Targeting your audience with specific content and ideas gives you a better return on investment with your marketing budget. We take the time to consult with you through the creative process, so in the end your ad is impactful and on message.

Effective use of video for educational purposes is an integral tool that can help those within your organization. Share your message with others in an engaging and understanding way.  We can help you with your story boards, scripting, and subject matter.

Communication with your audience in real time is everything. We take what is happening at your event and stream it to the platforms of your choosing.