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Television advertising or online video content can help companies, corporations and organizations achieve their marketing goals, gain online presence and build stronger brand awareness. Craft uses a variety of recording techniques and devices, utilizing the recording environment to the fullest potential. Lighting, indoor or outdoor variables and quality audio all make the difference in setting the space for story-telling. High definition cameras, special effects and drone footage will capture compelling visuals to enhance your brand.

To achieve full concept to completion we establish open lines of communication with our clients, ensuring every step of the creative process is crafted together. 


Target your specific audience with engaging videos and focused messaging. Highlight your company or event and deliver the necessary information in a personable approach. We specialize in training videos, brand awareness, and advertising. We can help you create inspirational, professional, and high-quality content that achieves results.


Motion graphics and animation can be valuable tools to help communicate your message in an engaging and informative way. With our experienced team of producers, animators, and network of voice-over artists, Craft Productions is ready to help develop content tailored to your audience. From storyboarding and scripting, to design and animation, we are your one-stop-shop for all things animated video.


We excel in creating engaging content for your audience across all platforms and delivery methods. Content created by Craft, paired with our live event expertise you’ll find your creative needs are fulfilled in one place. Our vast network of talent is ready to jump in and help you create effective design elements tailored to your activation, conference, marketing strategy, and goals.

Target that specific audience with engaging videos and focused messaging. Highlight your company or event and deliver the necessary information in a personable  approach.  We specialize in training videos, brand awareness and advertising. We can help you create that inspirational, professional and high quality content that achieves results. 

Targeting your audience with specific content and ideas gives you a better return on investment with your marketing budget. We take the time to consult with you through the creative process, so in the end your ad is impactful and on message.

Effective use of video for educational purposes is an integral tool that can help those within your organization. Share your message with others in an engaging and understanding way.  We can help you with your story boards, scripting, and subject matter.

Communication with your audience in real time is everything. We take what is happening at your event and stream it to the platforms of your choosing.  




Craft Productions Logo