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Pursue Your Vision & Discover the Possibilities

Craft Productions is a close knit family of audio visual and creatives who are passionate about what they do. We are reliable and dedicated to providing the best when it comes to service.

Craft Productions started as a video production company, then eventually saw the need to make a unique connection with our neighbors and clients in the events industry.  By branching out and incorporating audio visual and design facets alongside our video production, Craft has made a significant impression both locally and nation wide.

Based out of the Reno/Tahoe area, we have access to some of the most scenic and beautiful areas in the country. Reno has expanded immensely in the past 5 years, and so have the opportunities. We have developed many new relationships and have grown with our existing clientele. This has included many amazing people and organizations that make us love what we do.

We work with you every step of the way to build on your ideas and help you achieve your goals. We try to blend new approaches, design elements and concepts, that are both unique and original.  

As for the future of Craft productions, we are consistently trying to raise the standard in the industry.  We want to prove ourselves to you, our customers and our community, our devotion. We have a responsibility to provide the absolute best in what we offer: service, equipment and expertise.

That’s the Craft difference.

Don’t hesitate to call us or stop by the office for some coffee, beer or pizza. Let’s schedule a meeting to determine how we may be of assistance. 

Qualified Technicians

We have combined experience from various fields and backgrounds directly related to the industry. Our technicians are dedicated to customer service, expertise, and innovative design principles that represent what we stand for.  

We have seasoned professionals with decades of experience running sound and video for billion dollar corporations, award winning artists, large scale political events, to casinos and venues.  Whether you are just needing a simple sound system to a high profile event. We got you covered.

Our Valued Partners