If you’re not familiar with the audio visual (AV) industry, it can be overwhelming to decipher the terminology in event proposals and estimates. Keep in mind that the roles mentioned below may be adapted or combined to suit the scale and budget of a specific event.

Production Manager: The Production Manager oversees all aspects of event production, including logistics, technical setup, audio-visual equipment, lighting, and staging. They collaborate closely with clients, vendors, and internal teams to ensure seamless events that meet client objectives.

Technical Director (TD): Responsible for coordinating technical aspects like audio, lighting, and video systems. They communicate cues and transitions to other technicians, ensuring the event runs smoothly according to the script.

Audio Engineer (A1) and System Tech (A2): These engineers handle audio equipment setup and operation. A1 leads the audio mixing, while A2 ensures proper sound system functionality throughout the event.

Lighting Designer (LD): These technicians handle setup and operation of lighting systems.

Video Engineer (V1): Responsible for setting up and operating video systems.

LED Wall Technician: A professional in charge of installing, operating, and maintaining LED display walls. They specialize in configuring panels, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring optimal visual quality.

Graphics Operator: Operates graphics and visual effects systems, including PowerPoint, video playback, and media servers.

Camera Operator: Manually operates cameras, including jib and dolly track units.

PTZ Operator: Controls robotic camera systems, allowing one operator to manage multiple cameras.

Riggers: Responsible for setting up and dismantling rigging systems that support lighting, audio, and other equipment. Note that this is a high-risk job.

Master Electrician: Oversees electrical systems to ensure safe installation.

Stagehand: Assists with event setup and teardown. May also assist with stage changes during the event.

Production Assistant: Assists the producer and production team with various tasks, including equipment setup and logistics management.

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