An engaging keynote speaker is the cornerstone to a successful corporate event. Whenever possible, it’s important to give your speakers the resources to help them prepare and produce a high quality presentation. In addition to providing high end Audio Visual support, a simple way to improve your speaker’s experience is by providing a Speaker Ready Room. 

This is a small private room that allows the speaker to prepare for their presentation, go over notes and update slides. This is also a great place for presenter’s to meet with the Audio Visual Staff and get their wireless mic attached.

What will you find in a Speaker Ready Room:

  • Computers for presenters to edit slides and notes. It is important to have both Apple Computors and PC’s so that you are able to assist every presenter.
  • A monitor with a live feed of the event.
  • A friendly AV Tech to answer questions, help with powerpoint troubleshooting, and upload new content to the production crew.
  • Water and Snacks
  • A table and comfortable chairs.
  • Printer