What is an Aspect Ratio?

Aspect Ratio is the ratio of an image’s width to its height. The most common aspect ratio currently is 16:9. It is also referred to as “widescreen”. This is seen in most new TVs and projection screens. 4:3 is an older aspect ratio that was commonly used in CRT televisions.

Most AV Companies and Event Planners will request that all presenters format their presentation in 16:9.

Format your Presentation in PowerPoint

  1. Click on “Design” located on the top menu bar
  2. Click on “Slide Size” located on the top right hand corner of your screen
  3. Select “Widescreen (16:9)”


Format your Presentation in Keynote

After opening Keynote be sure 16:9 is selected on the top right corner of the “Choose a Theme” screen.

If keynote is already open:

  1. From the top menu click on “Document” in the top right corner
  2. Click “Change Theme”
  3. Use the drop down menu in the top right to change the aspect ratio